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Are You Still Wasting Money on Student Recruitment (Without Anything to Show for It?)
What do you find most challenging about running a Martial Arts business? A staggering number of Masters and club owners say that trying to recruit new students is their most difficult problem. What if there was a quick, cheap and effective way to recruit 5+ new students in the next two weeks? - If you don’t have time to attract students, or traditional marketing efforts and word-of-mouth aren’t giving you the rewards you want, let Martial Tribes do all the hard work for you.
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As the World's most engaging Martial Arts Facebook publisher (see the joined table ), Martial Tribes wants to help you live off your passion for martial arts. We understand that you want to spend more time teaching, less time recruiting and MAKE MORE MONEY! That’s why we’ve developed this Revenue Growth Package, so Martial Arts businesses, just like yours, can recruit new students at a highly competitive cost.

A Quick, Cheap Campaign That Will Bring You More Students and Bigger Profits
How can we help you to MAKE MORE MONEY? - Martial Tribes knows how to reach people. We publish content that is seen by 100 million martial arts enthusiasts and athletes per month (For the 28-day period Nov. 10 to Dec. 7, 2016: 94,390,852) and has become the world's most engaging Facebook publisher for martial arts. We are experts in grabbing people’s attention, and we want to use all our marketing knowledge and social media expertise to create an effective, REVENUE-INCREASING campaign for your business. Let us take away all the stress of prospecting and qualifying potential students in your area.

We Promise You the Fastest and Cheapest Way to Bring New Students to Your Club
How does it work? – The Martial Tribes Revenue Growth Package is simple: We will use our marketing mastery to identify, target and qualify 5–15 new students for any martial arts club that are willing to offer a free lesson to these potential new students. We are so confident in our ability to target the right prospects for your business and bring in new, fee-paying customers, that we’re offering a complete money back guarantee. Think about it: 

-What is the opportunity to GROW YOUR BUSINESS by 5-15 students in just two weeks worth to you? 

-Would you pay just $300 for the expertise of a martial arts community that engages 100 MILLION martial arts enthusiasts per month?

-What if I told you that the Martial Tribes Revenue Growth Package doesn’t even cost HALF of that?  
Get the Profit-boosting Power of More Students Without Having to Chase Them

The campaign designed to attract more students for YOUR business will usually run between 10-15 days, depending on your location. When it’s complete, we will provide you with the details of the 5-15 potential students you can contact for their free lesson. – It’s now time for your devotion to martial arts and your passion for teaching to shine! 

Imagine if just 50% of your potential new students signed-up to a regular class. What do 5+ new students in just TWO weeks mean for your profits? For only $150 you get the expertise of the world’s most engaging martial arts Facebook publisher, and the brains behind content that targets 100 million martial arts enthusiasts per month – Martial Tribes. 

Founder and Head Coach of Fernando Junior Martial Arts & Fitness Club,
BJJ 1st Degree Black Belt & Capoeira Master

“The Martial Tribes Revenue Growth Package is perfect for bringing in new students. The success they’ve had at grabbing people’s attention and showing why my club is the right choice for training, is something I’m very impressed with. I know I can count on Martial Tribes to use their great marketing skills on my behalf..”

Founder and International Chief, Instructor of UCT International,
Wing Chun Sifu & BJJ Black Belt

“Before I started using Martial Tribes’ methods, I’d had success with UCT International, but attracting new students was never painless. The time and effort you have to put in to really target your potential customers is huge. The Revenue Growth Package from Martial Tribes changed how I approach looking for new students. Their marketing expertise and their success at engaging people on social media mean I no longer have to worry about filling all my classes!”
Who Else Wants More Students and Bigger Profits?

  •  Benefit from the incredible experience of the world’s most engaging martial arts Facebook publisher
  •  We will design optimized Facebook ads, specifically targeting the right potential students in your location – We KNOW how to convert people 
  • You will get a minimum of 5 new students joining your free trial class – More students and MORE REVENUE for your business

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